Order of the Golden Badges in the Posting category


I was taking a scroll through the Badges section of the forum https://forum.freecodecamp.org/badges and noticed an irregularity that I can’t get out of my head.
The order of the Golden Badges are in a different order than the bronze and silver ones, breaking the continuity of the section.

It should be an easy fix to move the «Famous Link»-badge to the end of the row to match the two previous rows.

This might not be important at all, but it really bugged me when I got to that section.

Hi @odinbn

It looks like the bronze, silver, and gold badges in your post are in alphabetical order.

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Our forum is a Discourse instance. I believe that the Discourse project is also open source, so if you want to suggest this change, they probably have a way to do so.

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This makes sense, but still looks awful from a visual standpoint.


I’ll have a look at that. Thanks!

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