Output no longer working

Hi all,

I am assuming this has already been asked but I’m finding the search function on this forum to be difficult to find the answer.

Prior to the recent update, when I would submit my code, I’d see the result of that code display in the UI. Now, there is this section that says


  • Your test output will go here.

However, I never actually see the result of my code - it will just update saying if there is some error or one of the test conditions still not being met.

Is this a known bug / is it being worked on? I really enjoyed using this site but this is making it less enjoyable now that I have to output everything to console.log or something if I want to see what is being outputted. Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding how it is intended to work?


That section is still being worked on. For now, you will have to continue using console.log and the browser’s console.

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