Override Class Declarations by Styling ID Attributes whats wrong here

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I cant seem to figure out whats wrong with this code. My text is orange how can I fix the code?

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  body {
    background-color: black;
    font-family: Monospace;
    color: green;
  .pink-text {
    color: pink;
  .blue-text {
    color: blue;
  #orange-text {
    color: orange;
<h1 class="pink-text blue-text"><h1 id="orange-text">Hello World!</h1>

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You should not be creating a new h1 element. Use the existing one and give it the applicable id.

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thanks for the quick reply, yeah so h1 id="orange-text goes right after no need for the whole other <h1. I appreciate the direction have a good night.