Padding between text and align left image?

I’m trying to get a little padding between the image on the left and The text.

That’s what I see now. I’ve tried adding text-indent to the css class I’ve applied to the paragraph, but it only works in the first line. I then tried, but that did not work either.

Have you tried to add “padding-left: 10px” to your css?

Doesn’t work :sweat:

I tried via the css, styling each p tag, still doesn’t work.

If you don’t paste a link to the live page we can’t see what’s going on. I think it’s the same problem as for most of your questions, have you looked in the Dev Tools? What does it say when you look at the element in question? Is your style overridden somehow? If so what is the selector that they use?

Right, a link to the live page would be helpful.

Anyway, in my css I would try p {padding-left: 10px;} which would give all your

text some padding. But if that doesn’t work, you could always try p {margin-left: 10px;}.

Can you use your own stylesheet with google tag services? I’ve never used it, but is the padding (or lack thereof) buried in there somewhere??

Here is the live site: