Padding or something

Me again :smile: I need help on how to increase the padding or something to make the you of for you not to go down when the px is max-width:650px landing page and some suggestions too :smile:.

Hi, try this update:

@media (max-width: 650px) {
nav {
padding: 0;
nav ul{
margin: 0;

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Wow, :partying_face:
it works thank you very much,how is it like that ?can you please explain it to me? :innocent:

Hi, I am glad this was helpful.

When I looked at your design in Google Chrome, at a width less than 650px, the nav element would break onto two lines. This was not desirable. So, I right-click on the nav element and select inspect. The inspector is your best tool for fixing these kinds of issues . Inside the inspector on the Elements tab, I hover over the nav, ul, li, or a elements and these elements are highlighted in the browser , showing padding and margin. At this point I can see there is too much margin and padding taking up all of the horizontal space. I can then make quick css updates in the styles section of the elements tab until everything fits and then move those updates into the css files.

If you have not used the inspector much, you could watch a tutorial to see how it works.

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Thanks man that was very helpful indeed :smile: