Page doesn't fit the screen?

Hi guys, having trouble with my page, the whole page has white edges on the side and I can’t figure out how to remove that? Might be something to do with ‘container-fluid’ but if I just put it as container then the page gets even smaller!

Could anyone help please?

First off, you don’t put head stuff inside your container-fluid div. Anyway, .container-fluid automatically adds 15 pixels of padding to the left and right side while .container sets it at a fixed width depending on screen size.

Just remove the padding for your element.

Thanks Isaac - I don’t really understand, which padding am I removing? All the elements in the CSS didn’t affect the 15px of padding. background-size: cover;
background-position: center;
height: 800px;
margin-top: -5%;
text-align: center;

Is it some Bootstrap element I am removing?