Page Views Analyser (alternative bar plot)

Although i have passed Page Views Analyser project, i’m still curios if it is possible to draw a bar plot alternative Mathplotlib way

instead of code:
fig =, figsize=(10, 8))

i’m unsuccessfully trying smth like:
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(10, 8))****, ####)

give me a clue, if alternative way can alive ?

It’s possible, but maybe not easy.

Matplotlib, seaborn, and pandas all use the matplotlib basic objects like Fig and Axes on some level, so all you have to do is construct your plot with those and ensure that the plot has the correct methods and properties that are tested by the project’s tests.

If you have a working seaborn figure that passes the tests, you can use the usual python tools to inspect it (dir(), etc.) to construct a figure from matplotlib objects.

Sure, I used this:
sns.barplot(data=df_bar, ...)

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