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Hey Guys! Thanks for checking in; I’m not sure why this doesn’t pass all the test in the FCC editor, yet it passes all tests in any other editor I’ve used. Any ideas?

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function palindrome(str) {
  var newStr = str.toLowerCase().replace(/[\W+_]/g, '');
  let firstHalf;
  let secondHalf;
    const arr = newStr.split('');

    if(arr.length % 2==0){
     firstHalf = arr.slice(0, arr.length / 2);
     secondHalf = arr.slice((arr.length / 2), arr.length);
       firstHalf = arr.slice(0, arr.length / 2);
      secondHalf = arr.slice((arr.length / 2) + 1, arr.length);
   let result = () => firstHalf.reverse().join('') == secondHalf.join('');
    return result();  


palindrome("A man, a plan, a canal. Panama");

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Don’t do console.log(result()). You’ll end up calling the function twice, which will not give the answer you’re expecting.


Wow, I’m deep in the rabbit hole. I use that for debugging but I generally remove all of them when I finish, but I guess I forgot. Rookie mistake! Thanks a lot :grinning:

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