Parsing among hex text

Hi im trying to parse this bit of code its hex returned from a device. I would like it to give me the number after the x that i specify in this case between 3 and 7 characters…
Im expecting 01

Temphex = [b'\x01\x03\x04\x18X\xa8\xb0\x03']

search_Temphex = Temphex.find("x",3,7)


this is my error:
search_Temphex = Temphex.find(“x”,3)

AttributeError: ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘find’

Temphex is a list (no .find() method). The first and only element of Temphex (Temphex[0]) is a byte() object, with several methods (dir(byte()). Also you can use slicing in bytes() or iterate trhought each element of Temphex[0].

Thank you … yes i got this to work for me…

value = b’\x01\x03\x04\xD8\xa8\xb0\x03’

split = [value[i] for i in range (0, len(value))]

print (split[3])

output is 216, it converted D8 hex into decimal 216

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