Passing data to a dialog using Angular Material

Unable to pass data to a dialog?! What am I doing wrong? Thanks

I am following this:

Your code looks to be passing the data and using it correctly after a quick skim. What are you considering to not be working exactly?

When I click the OPEN button I can console log the selected object but I am unable to display the {{data.title}} or {{data.body}} inside the dialog

please help me someone

After my initial skim the code looks fine, so your going to have to provide more details as to what your seeing.

I did another quick skim over the code and noticed stuff like this:

<tr *ngFor="let article of">

In the parent component. If the articles is an array of Article models, where does the .data come from? That doesn’t look correct according to the types you provided. If it looks correct, then the types are at least wrong at some level. This might be related, or it might not be. I’m essentially blindly grasping at straws at this time tho.

So just to be clear, you just don’t see the title and body in the dialog’s template right? But everything else looks correct?

Are you getting any kind of errors?

Is the data actually there in the data attribute being passed in the dialog? You can check using a console.log.

Is the data being passed actually just blank strings?