Passing user story #10 for personal portfolio

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I’m not sure how to make the height of the welcome section equal to the height of the viewport. I also have uneven widths across the entire page, and if you scroll to the right side there is space.

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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Hi @xzan1!

So the height of the viewport needs to be set at 100% of the viewport for the welcome section.
Here is an article on viewport units to help you with that.

But also you have this in your code which is not helping with the test.

  padding: 50px 500px;

Change it to margin and it should pass. But I don’t think you need 500px left-right anyway so I would just leave left-right padding at zero. Maybe that was your way of centering the text but you could just use text-align center for that.

Making that change fixes you horizontal bar problem.

So you are still going to have to take a look at the navbar so it doesn’t spill out over the end there.

The issue is here

 padding: 25px 990px;

That’s a lot of padding for the sides.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, and thank you especially for the article!

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