Periodic Table Database - Build a Periodic Table Database

I am 1 step away from making the whole project to pass the tests. I am stuck in the second to last instruction, all of the other points do pass the tests.

The situation is that if I remove the column “type” from the table “properties”, as it’s being requested to do, 2 other instructions that already pass the tests, become undone because they need the table “properties” to have the column “type” in order for the queries from the “” script file to work.

What am I supposed to do to finish it all? Am I misinterpreting the penultimate instruction which says: “your properties table should not have a type column”. And it is not asking me to delete it?

Thank you!

If I’m not mistaken the goal is to not have type column in properties table, but to have type_id column, which will refer to the type from types table when needed.

Hey, thanks for orienting me. Did the proper adjustment and got it to pass. :wink: