Personal Portfolio - Feedback Wanted

Hey everyone,

Was able to finish my Portfolio project in just about 20+ hours of coding. I really kept going back and changing the looks of some sections. I really enjoy the minimalist style of the site, and got some ideas checking out other coders projects.

One day in the future I am hoping I can complete a project like this but with less research.

Here is my site, any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Dude, this is a really solid and professional looking portfolio. Bravo! Only suggestion I can even really dig up is maybe consider putting a footer on it to anchor the bottom of the page a bit, but really thatโ€™s it.

Thank you for the feedback! I didnt even realize the footer, I will try and add that.

My wife is a graphic designer and really helped me get a professional look to my portfolio. Hopefully I can keep adding projects later one :slight_smile: