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I’m trying to get my grids to display correctly but my project-tile-title is getting put in the grid gap instead of on the tile. I’ve forked my draft a few times and tried messing with it for a few weeks now but I’m still stuck.

I was hoping I could get a fresh set of eyes and some feedback

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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Try removing the height on the images, or set it to some fixed value like 360px or whatever (fixed value would be fine because of object-fit).

BTW, the first grid child is missing the class you have on the other children (project-tile).

It worked :smile:
Thank you so much.

I think what was happening, the image being 100% of the container was pushing the title out the bottom.

I was monkeying with the first grid child to try and find the problem so It’s wonky. I’ll make this change on the main branch.