Personal portfolio - mobile making me crazy!

Looking for some feedback especially in terms of mobile rendering. I suspect there is something wrong with codepen but I’m desperate to figure this out.

I’ve used this link [] and all works well on a changing screen size on my laptop. Shrink it way down and it still behaves as it should.

However, when I take that same link and open on mobile… all hell breaks loose. The site displays like it would on a huge monitor with minuscule text and tiny links.

When I tried the ‘share’ option link [] through codepen, I discovered the site doesn’t show anything past the first ‘panel’ and you can only move down via the menu, but the menu links stop working after one selection and won’t retract into the menu. It is basically unusable.

PS. If you have thoughts or suggestions in general on my portfolio, I’d love to hear that as well.


read about media-queries. That’s essential for RWD