Personal Portfolio Page - How Do I Make My Image Rounded?


Is class=“img-rounded” not working for anyone else?


Take off the img- and your good. Ex: class=“rounded”


You are currently using two different versions of bootstrap which are not compatible with one another.

Remove one of the entries from the screenshot above to chose either Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4, and then use the necessary class for that version to make your image rounded.


If you are having trouble getting this to work with bootstrap you could try using CSS on the actual image/div

.fbCEEZ {
border-radius: 50%;


Thanks for the input.
I removed version 3.3 and kept 4.0 then updated the class but my image was still not formatted properly.

I also removed version 4.0 and (and added 3.3) edited my code to reflect the proper class but no luck.

Currently using 3.3 and this code.

PS marchibald92 I had success with the CSS but would love to get the circle prop. to work. Just hard headed I guess.


I just looked at your codepen again and it looks exactly like it should - small rounded corners on your image. If you meant to make it a circle, use img-circle instead.