Personal Portfolio Project Question

I have a question regarding the personal portfolio page. I want to know how to link the projects into the portfolio. So how do i input the code to create the link to my projects?


Each of your projects should be a live site with a url. This is the same url that you submitted on freeCodeCamp when you completed the project.

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If you don’t mind let me show you my work so you can see where the link is being coded in.Personal Portfolio page

so there is a broken link to the project. I want to fix that. How can I do that so it will link perfectly?

I don’t know which of your links is broken, but I have no way of knowing what the urls for your projects are.

so for the tribute page:

The link to your tribute page is not broken.

oh sorry I meant when i input that link into the personal portfolio project, the link is there but the image isn’t showing.
I hope you understand what I mean.

This image on your tribute page?

Yes, I want the links image to show up on the portfolio page.

The link to your project is not a link to an image. If you want an image on your portfolio page, then you need a link to that image. If you have images on your computer that you would like to include, then you can use almost any free image hosting service. (Just not Imgur.)

i see. Ok thank you. :smile:

Im having another issue, if you don’t mind me asking. So as I am inputting another project into the portfolio, the link is taking me to the tribute page, not the second project: Survey Form. Am I missing something in the coding?

this is the link to the portfolio page

You have a bunch of unclosed tags, including the a tag that links to your survey form.

I’ve fixed those tags, but it is still not taking me to the survey page. :thinking:

Both of your a elements are malformed.

I believe I got it to work now. I am trying to figure out the project tile coding to show case the survey project.