Personal Profile Page Viewport Height


I keep failing this user story for the Personal Profile Page project:

" The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport."

I have searched the forums and googled.

I’ve tried setting the height at 90 vh since I have 10 vh of padding at the top so the welcome section starts after the navbar. I also tried 100vh, with and without padding. I’ve experimenting with vmin and vmax, though the user story specifically mentions height. I’ve run the html and CSS through the W3schools validator. (I know I have to fix that button issue, too.)

Can I please get a hint?

Thanks. My codepen.

PS : I know it doesn’t look very pretty. Still working on it, but would like to pass all the tests!

Borders cause additional height to elements. That is the issue you are facing.

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Thank you! I’m so relieved!

I just took off the borders, lol.

I really have to work on the design.