PHP is Missing :D

I see no PHP Tutorials here in freeCodeCamp, can you please add PHP Tutorial.

you can start doing some PHP Tutorials here:

I don’t believe that freeCodeCamp has any plans on adding PHP. It is an older language that is, while still popular, declining. The back-end curriculum teaches Node.js and Express which is probably a better choice than PHP. If you don’t like Node, you can always use Ruby or Python on the back-end challenges too.

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php is only a few months younger than javascript! It’s still actively developed and unlike ruby and python, actually cares about backward compatibility. But more importantly, almost every host supports it and most sites run it, while that’s not true for python, ruby or anything more obscure.

But I agree, it doesn’t make sense for fcc to tackle this as well.

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I never said PHP was outdated, I just said it was declining in popularity. Have you ever seen a site that uses a PHP backend as a microservice or api? For static sites it’s probably still a viable option, but I have never heard of PHP being used with React, Angular, or other SPA’s, or being used as a microservice api.

Sure, mostly with drupal. Most sites aren’t web applications either, so the comparison is a bit off.

PHP may be trending downwards, but the sheer number of sites employing it is staggering. Compare it with Asp .Net, for example…

I asked a similar question about a year ago. Why does nobody talk about PHP even though it’s one of the most used languages out there? It has passed its peak, sure. But so has Ruby. And there are still a lot more PHP jobs than Ruby jobs.

In the end, I figured it out. PHP is just not cool. It is one of a list of significant technologies that you will never hear anything about on Free Code Camp: Java, C#, ASP.NET, MySQL, and so on, which are also not cool. These technologies are for the squares, for the big soul-crushing corporations. Here on FCC, we want to be coding ROCKSTARS. So we use React. And don’t tell me that React was built by a big soul-crushing corporation too - because my argument will totally collapse.

I agree, that’s probably true, but I think there is more to it than that. I have programmed in Java and C# and enjoyed it. I have programmed in PHP and hated the language. The syntax is annoying (writing <?php ?> everytime you want some code) and just not fun in my opinion. I am not sure if others feel this way.

The <? ?> doesn’t bother me much. ASP.NET have their <% %>.

But function names in PHP… some with underscore, some without. Very inconsistent.
Function names that have “to”… while others that use “2” — grrrrr!!!

I’m kind of getting sick and tired of your narratives which don’t add to these conversations. (◕‸ ◕✿) *pout

Please think carefully before you make assertion and claims, this forum is full of beginners who are just learning and it’s irresponsible to dish out your beliefs.

People do talk about PHP, just not on this forum most of the time because the freeCodeCamp curriculum teaches JavaScript. This question is like going into a cat cafe asking them why they don’t have dogs.

I don’t know if PHP is really declining, but if it is then it doesn’t seem to make much sense to emphasise it for new programmers because it will have an increasingly large pool of talent availabile for an increasingly small pool of jobs available. Some people are forward-thinking and they don’t prepare for what is right in front of them—they prepare for what is to come.

I’m guessing that a good portion of people who frequent this forum are beginners who are not going to be job ready today or tomorrow—but there is a good chance that they may become job ready in a year or two if they start today. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to pick a lanaguage that, isn’t too difficult to pick up; you can teach the full stack with; has an increasing demand in jobs; has a healthy ecosystem for all sorts of things, including emerging technologies such as machine learning, AR, VR…etc.; can get you potentially exciting jobs that doesn’t involve managing/writing pluggins for CMS’es or maintaining legacy software (yes, those are just what I think are not exciting); is likely going to be increasingly relevant in the foreseeable future. Employment-focused education shouldn’t just be about what’s in the job market right now, it should also be about what’s in the market in the future.

I’m sure there are beginners who will somehow fall in love with PHP and want to dedicate their lives to the language in a potentially increasingly competitive market—and nobody here is trying to stop them from doing that.

Disclosure: I think PHP syntax is awful.

Yes, PHP is just not cool. I agree with you because I believe so, but I also respect the people who think it’s cool as long as they are not forcing me to believe that it’s cool. What they do is their business, what I do is my business. If they have real data and evidence to convince me that it’s really cool and has a bright future I may even start learning PHP.

I think Java is not cool. I feel indifferent towards ASP.NET. I think C# is okay. I think MySQL is cool. That’s just what I think though and I couldn’t care less if other people think differently, unless their beliefs can somehow harm me and others.

Again, people just don’t talk about it here because this is not a Java/ASP.NET/C#/MySQL forum. There are a lot of open-minded people who would listen to you if you have something good to say, so don’t throw sarcasm around?

There is also a database of articles that’s being worked on, if you care so much about what other should know about maybe you should contribute to it.

If there is anything that I can take away from that, it’s that you feel insecure and are just irrationally hating new technologies and won’t ever touch it because you are “better than these newbies who know nothing and are just flocking to the new and shiny”.

If you just hate React I’m sure you can find better places on the web to express your frustration. Your insinuation of a ROCKSTAR mentality being promoted here, which is entirely untrue, is an insult to everyone who contributes to this amazing open soruce project.

Let’s all calm down, be civil and just code? (◕‿◕✿)+゚*。:゚+

EDIT: can’t tell the difference between increasing and decreasing; typos; wrong quote.

I need too, please some one add PHP

I had the same feeling about PHP when I tried it. Some ugly syntax. But the biggest problem is writing all the PHP code inside the html files. I saw some horrible examples even in beginner classes. But maybe things are getting better with the new frameworks like Laravel?

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For any non-trivial site you’ll use a templating system, just like everywhere else.

It’s significantly easier to develop a browser-based curriculum that uses JS than it is to use a language that doesn’t work in browsers (ie every single other language). And for a curriculum that teaches mainly basic front end development, the other languages are fairly irrelevant anyway, as @honmanyau said.

It’s taken years to build what is currently available, using a simple language that works everywhere. Actual people (volunteers!) have to actively maintain the code that powers the app. It’s easy to say “just add language x/y/z”, but this completely skates over how unbelievably difficult it is to build software that is an effective learning tool (as opposed to software that just displays information). Every new language adds another massive level of complexity to the application code, makes it significantly more difficult to maintain, needs specialised domain knowledge.


Let’s not make this personal here in the forum.

Thank You Guys For Your Feedback’s

lol for a first topic for me to read I see just how amateur a lot of members are… dont think Ill hang around :confused: