PHP mail script

Hi there,

I’ve searched the web for a decent PHP mail script but haven’t found one that matches my needs.
I am a webdesigner/developer with good HTML and CSS skills but advanced PHP is like jibberish to me!

I want the following things:

  • my site has forms on every page to make it easier for potential clients to react without opening a new page.
  • if a form is submitted I want the response (Thank you for your message for example) to load on the same HTML page without redirecting to a “thank you” HTML page.

I know I could create PHP files for the forms to dynamically load to prevent creating PHP files for every single HTML page.

The most important thing for me is to have a line of PHP code that echoes the “message sent” in the same HTML page without redirecting to a new HTML “thank you” page.

I want to avoid copying my HTML pages to hold the “Thank you” message on submit and reload the same page just to display that message.

Or could I just add a line in HTML on subMit=“message” to achieve my goal?

Any help is appreciated!

BTW here is the link to my site