Php Symfony 5 / postgreSQL 13 connexion

I’m a newbie with php, symfony and postgresql. I try to do this project for a job interview.

I have installed: php 7.4 and symfony 5 and postegreSQL 13 (manage with pgAdmin) and use wamp64server.

In my project folder when I try to connect my symfony project to my postgresql database that I created, I tried this command : bin/console make:migration after created an entity but I have these errors:

And here my doctrine.yaml code :

        url: '%env(resolve:DATABASE_URL)%'
        driver: pdo-pgsql
        server-version: '13'
        # IMPORTANT: You MUST configure your server version,
        # either here or in the DATABASE_URL env var (see .env file)
        #server_version: '5.7'
        auto_generate_proxy_classes: true
        naming_strategy: doctrine.orm.naming_strategy.underscore_number_aware
        auto_mapping: true
                is_bundle: false
                type: annotation
                dir: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/Entity'
                prefix: 'App\Entity'
                alias: App

Do you an idea about what happen there ? I already tried to activate the extensions pdo_pgsql in the php.ini, but it didn’t work. Someone can help me ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

That should be pdo_pgsql with an underscore, not a dash.

thanks chuckadams, but I don’t thin it will work because I check php -m and the module is not there, so I think it is probably for that. But I don’t know why because I installed it before…