Picture not showing up in CodePen for Tribute Page

No matter how I do it, my picture doesn’t show up in the CodePen display. I even tried the exact url from a Wikipedia picture for testing. I did the same thing on a self-created html document on my computer and the picture showed up. So, it has something to do with CodePen.

Howdy! If you post your code, maybe we can help troubleshoot.

I’ve yet to hear of anyone having problems with the CodePen site for images.

Hi, ok. Here is the direct code I used to test

. So, it worked here. On the CodePen wndow, under my code in the edit view, it doesn’t come up. I tried full page view also. Thanks.

Here it is without tags. Didn’t realize it would render. src=“https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/be/Sergei_Rachmaninoff_cph.3a40575.jpg

Disregard, I got it. It was spelling error. Thanks.