Pig Latin - algorithm doesn't handle words without vowels ... But it does!

I have a problem with a task Intermediate Algorithm Scripting: Pig Latin.
It seems to me that all conditions are there to pass this task, but I still get the alert that my code doesn’t handl words without vowels.

I am not quite sure where is the problem.

**my code so far:

function translatePigLatin(str) {

const firstRegex = /^[aeiouy]/gi
const vowelsRegex = /[aeiouy]/gi

if(str.match(vowelsRegex) === null){
  str = str + "ay";
  return str;
} else if(!firstRegex.test(str)){
  const firstVowel = str.search(vowelsRegex);
  const ending = str.slice(firstVowel, str.length);
  const begin = str.slice(0, firstVowel);
  str = ending.concat(begin).concat("ay");
  return str;
str = str.concat("way");
return str


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Make sure your algorithm handles the word rhythm. It should transform it into rhythmay and not ythmrhay as it is doing now.

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Thank you a lot. I made a stupid mistake. In Polish, “y” is also a vowel. That’s why I added it into my regex and eventually it was breaking my results.

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