Pig Latin [Berlin]

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what do i need to do for the the code to also handle words without vowels?

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
  let pigLatin = '';
  let regex = /[aeiou]/gi;
  if (str[0].match(regex)) {
    pigLatin = str + 'way';
  else if(str.match(regex) === null) {
pigLatin = str = 'ay';
    let vowelIndice = str.indexOf(str.match(regex)[0]);
    pigLatin = str.substr(vowelIndice) + str.substr(0, vowelIndice) + 'ay';
  return pigLatin;


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If a word contains no vowels, then the whole word is a “consonant cluster” and you would just append “ay” to the end.