Pig Latin- last case not passing

The last case fails even though result is correct.

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
  var firstVowel = str.match(/[aeiou]/);
  var firstPosition = str.indexOf(firstVowel);

  if (firstPosition > 0) {
    return str.slice(firstPosition) + str.slice(0, firstPosition) + 'ay';
  return str + 'way';


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You should add ‘ay’ to the word, if there is no vowel. But you are adding ‘way’ even to the words with no vowels.

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if there is no vowels indexOf returns -1

cant seem to find a way to satisfy both conditions >0 || < 0 without breaking this code

alright solved using adding method simiilar to basic code solution … thanks :smiley: