Pizza Preference Survey - HTML/CSS

Hello. I’m learning responsive web development through this curriculum and I have built the first certification project for the Survey Form.

I’ve built a market research survey form to collect customers’ pizza preference. This is the link to the survey: Pizza Preference Survey │ The Pizza Slice

Please share your feedback and let me know any improvements I can make.


All in all a nice job! Everything is easy to read, something many beginners have a hard time with.

Just give the form and the input fields in it a max-width. Makes everything look better on big screens.

If you don’t have a widescreen to test it out, search for “devices in Chrome developer tools”, start using the tools as early as possible. (It would be beyond the scope of the reply to introduce the dev tools).

Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much! It means a lot :sparkles:
I will make sure to do the changes.

nice one but need improvement, cauz design isn’t responsive

True! Insha Allah, I’ll add responsiveness after I learn it. Thanks a lot for the feedback.

I love the site! As stated already, some more responsiveness would be better, but the colors, layout and spacing is just perfect. Not cluttered or hard to read.

(and who doesnt love pizza? xD)

I like it very much. Nice color palette. Just found one design issue:

Im on firefox and a FHD screen.