PL/SQL and Oracle Apex

Hello, i have a few burning questions and was keen to seek some advice.

I recently started a new job as a junior oracle database developer with small company. I need to know SQL and PL/SQL inside-out and partly because of this am’ being put through the OCA/OCM exams for these.
Oracle Apex is, however, the technology used to create the web applications for clients etc…Although the pl/sql is not too complex, Oracle Apex seems very different to anything i have used before (java and Android framework). I am not so use to these RAD tools.

I have found the Oracle documentation for Apex less than useful for a ‘new-comer’ and most tutorials which are are relatively dated are few and far between.

Does anyone therefore know any up-to-date clear Oracle Apex tutorials to get up to speed?

My final question is, given i am learning Oracle Apex technology (plus pl/sql) how much scope is there in regards to the jobs market? Are there many Oracle Apex jobs, for example? If Apex eventually becomes less used, does that mean it would be hard to find similar positions in the market (UK)?

Any advice appreciated .

many thanks

Here are some links for training that maybe helpful.

Apex Tutorial (Articles)

PL/SQL Tutorial (Articles)

T-SQL Online Training (Videos)

Oracle SQL (Videos)

Oracle DB Online Training (Videos)

If you are an US military Veteran. The following website provides access to free Salesforce training.


All the very best for job.
As a oracle database developer you need to know about SQL and PL/SQL.
I am providing one link where you can learn a lot.
Please go through this link:

If anyone want to learn more about Oracle, check this link:

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