Please could someone help me out

Hi everyone… basically I’ve just started learning python and how to connect the control prompt to python. In all the tutorials I’ve seen, the programmer is able to type “cd desktop”, and get directed to the desktop in the prompt, however when I try this it gives me an error and I have no idea why… very frustrating.

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Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

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is this related to the Arithmetic Formatter project?

what error do you get?

what operating system are you using?

Try ‘cd Desktop’ instead of ‘desktop’ you have to provide the exact name of the directory that you are trying to access. I hope it helps.

no its not related, i just need help and didnt know how else to make a post

okay thank you Hassan…

No problem, btw did it work?

for some reason I had to type ‘OneDrive’ before Desktop…

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