Please critique my Recipe Box!

Hey everyone! So I finished my Recipe Box, and was wondering if you guys would mind checking it out and giving me some feedback! I might go back and change a couple of things, but it is pretty much done! Here is the link: Please let me know if anything does not work as supposed to.
Thanks! :smiley:

Overall it looks great. Just 2 minor comments from my side:

  • At first glance I ‘Add Recipe’ button looks disabled. You may want to use a brighter color tone, may be. Similarly, the Edit button should have a brighter color (same as Delete). This also gives a disabled button’s feel.
  • On the ‘Add Recipe Dialog’ the first field is bordered black, it would be useful to keep auto-focus on that field so that user can directly start typing instead of manually clicking inside the text-field.
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Thanks for the feedback! Both sound like great ideas. Will implement as soon as possible. :smiley: