Please darken the font in FCC

My humble request to the UI/UX team of FCC is to darken some of the fonts. Even on full brightness I have to strain my eyes to read them. The headings and bold content is fine but the content within it is low on contrast.

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You can customise the CSS…As discussed in this previous thread:

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Maybe you have use of darkness beyond FCC and would prefer to use global dark plugin for firefox . It is high stars and code is open source on github. Also you can open up inspect mode and change the background css on any website for a quick fix :slight_smile:


Thanks for this link … I wasn’t aware there was a night mode option … I’m 59 years old, only have [BAD] sight in one eye, and have macular degeneration to boot … I’m hoping night mode will help as I do have problems reading the forums too.

The night mode in the post I linked to is one (well, several actually) made by forum users. It might not actually suit you, but the beauty of the ‘Stylish’ Chrome extension is that you can edit the CSS of the forum any way you like.


Yep … I downloaded and installed GreaseMonkey and installed the one from the forum. I did have to make a minor change, but it actually works pretty well for me; better than the white background.

I have a virtual machine for my development environment and use Chrome there. I will check out that plugin as well.

Thanks again … this has been a big help!

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It’s a common problem on many modern websites, caused by web designers who work on massive 4K monitors on which their elegant pale grey typography looks like pure art, not realizing that it is unreadable to everyone working on a bog standard laptop.