"Please enter a URL" error in Backend Certification

In the first task for backend certification in Node.js, when told to create the “author” object in the package.json file, there seems to be a bit of a bug?

I did the task and deployed the site on Github pages, Vercel, and also tried Glitch, but all the URLs are not recognized by the site, printing out the error “Please enter a URL”

I am unsure if this is a bug or a feature, also if there is other options to finish this
thanks a lot!

Welcome to the forum!

You’re entering a link to your live project in the solution box and getting an error? (Note that this cannot be a link to a repo or project code).

Hi thanks for the welcome!

When trying to screenshot the error,
Turns out that I have to explicitly state https:// in the URL for it to be recognized. After that it works just fine in checking out the site,
So found out the solution after all!

Hahaha, thanks for the reply though!

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