Please explain what d3. treemap is

I need help with my FCC d3 treemap project.
here is the link.

I got all the tests to pass, but it doesn’t look right and I believe I may have missed the point of this exercise.
I know in general what a treemap is and how it’s made, but i don’t fully understand how to use the d3 treemap function.
An explanation would be helpful, because I am very sick of this project and am ready to be done, but it needs to be done right.

Sorry, I don’t have time to go through your code right now but I can at least give you a pointer about what you should be trying to achieve.

This is my treemap:

Essentially it’s a rectangular grid where the size of each square represents the amount the movie grossed at the US box office. d3 cleverly tessellates it all into the grid for you, once you’ve divided the movies into genre categories. As with other d3 projects, you can mouseover each item to see more info. The key (on the right) is also important.

Whilst yours (somehow) passes all of the tests, it’s obviously not working as intended. Hopefully you can have a look at mine and see how you can tweak your existing code so that the treemap displays correctly?


@ StudiousArgyle

Esto te puede servir como punto de partida, es de la documentación oficial de D3 y a mi me ayudo bastante para completar el proyecto.

Termine ese proyecto hace un par de semanas y no me considero listo para explicarte pasp a paso como abordarlo, si ocupas ayuda en detelles mas puntuales posiblemente pueda ayudarte.

Solo te diria que los datos tal y como se encunetran en la API JSON son necesarios para aplicar los metodos D3 requeridos, veras un formato con la misma estructura en el enlace que te envio.


¡Muchas gracias! Puedo empezar a trabajar inmediatamente.

@igorgetmeabrain and @r5.m5.g5.55

Thanks for your help, I managed to get it figured out!

!Gracias por tu ayuda, finalmente yo lo resuelvó!

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