Please help ,I am stuck here

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I am confused

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// Change this line
var myStr = "FirstLine

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Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings

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first, the string needs to be written all in one line

then, the instructions tell you also what you need to write:

“FirstLine newline tab backslash SecondLine newline ThirdLine”

the newline symbol is \n and the tab symbol is \t

my solution

“FirstLine \n \t  \SecondLine \n ThirdLine”

still not working

why have yo included so many spaces?

xD removed them but yeah failed to complete the last two objectives

hello? are you there?

this is not an instant chatroom, please be patient.

Have you escaped the backslash?

@ieahleen I am sorry I got frustrated.
Yes! I escaped the backslash, maybe I will do the previous exercises once again. Thank you

I need help solving this problem

I don’t see a form tag in the screenshot you are posting. It is really impossible to know anything else. Please create your own topic when you have specific questions about your own challenge code. Only respond to another thread when you want to provide help to the original poster of the other thread or have follow up questions concerning other replies given to the original poster.

The easiest way to create a topic for help with your own solution is to click the Ask for Help button located on each challenge. This will automatically import your code in a readable format and pull in the challenge url while still allowing you to ask any question about the challenge or your code.

Thank you.

Post your last code, let’s see

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Please create your own topic to ask a question. When you do, please include your code as formatted text (rather than an image) and describe what you need help with.

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Hi! hopefully after removing the spaces and 1or2 minor edits
var myStr="FirstLine\n\t\\SecondLine\nThirdLine";
this worked