Please help is needed with step 63

I have done all I need in this step, but the code won’t pass. What am i doing wrong please?

    No Copyright - <a href=""></a>

Make sure to send the step link it helps us.
But from what i can imagine, they wanted you to have the text nested inside the a tag.
Right now it is not, and the a tag has no text to show, it has a link address but nothing to put it on

Just move inside you a element and it will work :slight_smile:

I have tried that, Its not working. Or maybe I am not doing it correctly. I just don’t know again :sweat:

perhaps there’s a space in your code after trying?
Resend it if you haven’t solved it yet.

From the hint given, i am doing everything they said to do. I don’t want to be told exactly how to do it but to be given substantial clues that will help me figure it out. :pray:

    No Copyright - <a href=""></a>

The text should be inside the anchor element

I have done so before, it didn’t pass.

  No Copyright - <a href=""></a>

You have to add the text within your anchor element.

I will give you an example:

<!-- Here text is inside p -->

Just like that should be inside the anchor element

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