Please help me choose a full stack for my career

Hello, I have a degree in CS.
For 1 year, I worked as a Junior Full Stack Developer using AngularJS and Java Spring Boot.
Later, I had to resign from that job due to too much workload and pressure. In fact, I hated that job so much that I decided not to work in the Software Development field again and I was not good enough for it.
It followed me working in a non-development IT field for 2 years. At that time, I got tired of repetitive tasks, and being a successful developer was always a dream for me.
Currently, I want to jumpstart my career as a software developer again.
I have few choices currently given the local jobs in demand, please advise me on choosing one.

1. Full Stack Java Developer with Spring Boot and Angular
This is the obvious choice since it is what I had worked with in the past. Although it was a long time back, I can very well relate it to stuff that I had done in the past. Also, I wouldn’t have to apply as a fresher for this job since I have 1 year’s experience in this.
I am worried about the possibilities and opportunities of this stack in the future. Does it look good?

2. MERN/MEAN Stack Developer
Jobs in the MERN stack are in high demand now and a lot of people I know recently got good job offers in this. This also means, I have no prior experience except for Angular in MEAN, and also I’d have to apply for jobs as a fresher.

3. Python Django Full Stack Developer with Angular
This is the odd one as I have no prior experience with Python and I have to transition my code thoughts from C/Java style to Python style. I know it could be a hurdle, but if it’s worth it, I am willing to do it.


In my experience these questions are very hard to answer without seeing your coding abilities in each of the stacks you mentioned, your region, and what an average day of studying looks like for you, and how much compensation you’re looking for. If you can send me a direct message with more details, I can point you to the right direction


Why do you want to be a full stack developer ? Why don’t want to be a web / mobile developer ?

I suggest keep a aside a week or 2 just to do job market study aka research and decide what you want to do for next 1 - 2 decades atleast ?

Google y combinator startup jobs, remoteok, check out top VC jobs pages in US as well.

All the very best.

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Thanks for the reply.
I want to be a full stack developer because I want to learn and practice everything from designing a web app and deploying it.
I also believe, it’s a much easier task to learn mobile app development after working as a full stack development.

I did some research and I’m under the impression that a full stack developer is always in need.

Thanks for the reply.
My coding skills are moderate. I am weak in complex math and data structures. I will send you a direct message. Thanks.

(Sorry, accidentally deleted the previous post, so posting the same thing again)
Thanks for the reply. I know 1 year is nothing or it is merely a “blip on the radar”. But 1>0.
Whom are you going to trust with a flight? A pilot with no experience or the one who had flown 1 flight before?

Yes, I quit my job after a year due to a lot of work load and pressure. I am not ashamed to say it. I joined as a fresher in a startup with 7 people.($260/month; I’m from India) They had some industrial-level projects from big companies which they got by convincing the client that they had a workforce of around 50 people. So, you can guess the complexity of the project.
I started out as a UI developer. I self learned angularJS and I used to do modifications in their existing project. At this time, due to a shortage of people they started assigning me Java Spring Boot tasks for creating new REST APIs using microservices, and I picked up that too. I was really happy with the way things were going. I had breathing space to learn new things and get the work done in time.
Then, one day we got a new project for an airline company’s ticket booking website. It was a grounds-up UI design with modern design elements. This was at around the 1 year timeline I was with that company. They made me the lead UI developer overnight and assigned me to design it within a short span of time. The way I used to work, by googling my doubts and fixing them took time and not having another UI developer to help me made it worse. I tirelessly worked day and night to get this done but failed to make it responsive within the deadline. There were stand up meetings every day since we followed agile work methodology and the boss used to moke me for not being able to complete my tasks in front of others.
I went days without peace and sleep because of this work. It was mentally torturing. You can throw someone in idle water and expect them to paddle and learn to swim, but what if you throw them into the sea? It doesn’t work like that. It was at this stage of life, I made up my mind that I hate this career and decided to quit it. And, I did. I felt I was not good enough for this job. A total failure in life. Everything, I have dreamt as a child of being a ‘software-person’, all went down the drain.
I was depressed for many months.
Then, I got a job opportunity in oil and gas field through a connection in middle East.
It was data monitoring job for oil wells.
It was mundane and repetitive. I got bored with it so easily. So, I tried my hands on the technical side there and I learnt the basics of SCADA(Supervisory control and data acquisition). I taught myself about PLC, RTC, basic electronics, software hardware integration, networking protocols, configuring different wireless radios etc. I professionally got promoted to a Field integration Engineer (no increase in salary as i was still working in data monitoring as per the contract).
I then modified their RTU programs in C to make them fast and efficient and started writing scripts in Excel VBA to for analysing their huge data logs which they used to do manually.
I could feel inside me that it’s the ‘software-person’ within me trying to come out.
I felt a great sense of accomplishment and happiness whenever a code i wrote worked as it should.
Team leaf at that workplace also started hating me since I learned a lot of things within 2 years that they couldn’t learn in a decade. So there was a lot of backstabbing there and also, I really wanted to work in proper software development with the newest technologies. Therefore, I left that job.
And now, I’m trying to be back in track.

I am here right now to conquer my fear. The career which once took me, chewed me up and spat out. I want to rewrite my life as a software developer who is successful, not someone who got defeated for whatever reason it was. I am not in this for the money.

If any future employer thinks, I was incapable for quitting my first job as a developer due to “too much workload and pressure”, after hearing the full story, I’d be glad to be disqualified and not work for them, because at the end of the day, we are all humans and not machines.

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