Please help me understand what this means?

With form submissions, it is useful, and good practice, to provide each submittable element with a name attribute. This attribute is used to identify the element in the form submission.

Go ahead, and give each submittable element a unique name attribute of your choosing. Except for the two radio inputs.

What part are you stuck on? Have you tried anything yet?

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HI Les, thanks for replying. Well I did get through the step (actually with the help of hints), but I didnt quite understand what the context means. So I was hoping if anyone could help me undertstand.

Good job getting through it!

I’m not sure what you may or may not already know, but here’s a bit of expansion on the topic.

So far you’ve learned how to create a form in HTML, but if you think about it making the form is only one half of the problem. A user is also going to submit that form with it filled out. Some code will be needed to handle the answers that are being submitted that could be anything from putting the data in a spreadsheet to fancy logic, but in any case you need to be able to match the inputted data with the question it corresponds with. If you got “Ariel” and “Leslie” in a form, you would need to know which one I put in the “First Name” field and which one I put in the “Last Name” field, right? The way we can do this is by adding the name attribute to the form elements. It will give you a way to lookup the value for a specific form element.


Right. That makes sense. Thanks a lot.

i had a same problეm and now it’s clear to me. thank you!

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