Please help me with adding new features to my discord bot

So I was watching the tutorial for making a discord bot but being really ambitious and trying to imitate what I saw and failing.

But I’m working on a project and its… more then a noob like I can process but the key features I need are as follows…

•the discord bot recives a command and reads and returns a code from Google Sheets
•The Sheets specific coordinates are read and applied

(Its dnd esk but you level up specific weapon prof. And when it’s at like level 2 you roll a d20 and add 2 to the roll

!roll d20+2 ← like this.
But I want to simplify the bot so it is as easy as
!roll Una (or unarmed for short.)
•and obviously I will need a code for a dice roller…

Help! I’m running the code threw if anyone can help much appreciated.

Hi @Wulf93 !

Welcome to the forum!

You will get more responses if you provide the following information:

What language are you using to build the bot?

Also, usually people will share a link to their


But it’s blank right now I’m coding in python based off the tutorial

And the coding in python.

I have moved your post to the appropriate category.

My suggestion would be to first follow the tutorial.
Beau is a great teacher and you will learn a lot from it.

Once you get the bot working, then you can play around with adding the additional features that you want.

I wouldn’t try to tackle all of the features are once.
Start with one feature.

Play around with the code a little bit, and research and then you can ask more specific questions and people will be able to assist you better.

Hope that helps!

I have also edited to the title of this post so it makes more sense to the context of what you want help with.

Thanks I’m not used to forums either :rofl:

Ok so it let me re-explain.

So to begin with I have 0 coding experience, but offered to program a bot for discord to read our Google Sheets, its a dnd style server

Some of the code I found helps me utilize cell locations.

cell = worksheet.acell(‘B1’, value_render_option=‘FORMULA’).value

But tabs is a diffrent story unless it gose like

worksheet = sh.worksheet(“tab name”)

I also need to write a dice rolling bot; much like a standard d20

Random.randint(1,20)+[cell location]=total)
Print (1,20+[cell location]=total shown)

Not sure if I’m writing these right…

But also need to have sheets read by the bot

User_input=%share sheet[url]

Bot takes sheet reads cells returns receives command sends roll.

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