Please help me with my messy survey form :c

I am banging my head over these tests I’m failing. I have tried so many different ways to change my labels. I’ve matched both the label id’s and input id’s to the same thing and then I end up failing more tests. I’ve tried copying how other people do their code. I can’t get it right! At this point I know my code is more of a mess, I just have to figure out what I’m doing wrong before I can really clean the formatting up.

Thanks to anyone that has patience to deal with whatever I am probably doing very wrong.

10. For the name, email, and number input fields inside the form I can see corresponding labels that describe the purpose of each field with the following ids: id=“name-label”, id=“email-label”, and id=“number-label”.

14. Inside the form element, I can select several fields from a series of checkboxes, each of which must have a value attribute.

Hello, First of all welcome to the community.

There is a semantic error in your label: it should read:

label for=“name-label”

you ommited the for and you don’t have to add id again.

the id is used in the input tag to reference the label.

I hope this helps

Thank you very much! I appreciate your help.

I went through and made sure my labels all said “label for” and did not include an id, and am still getting the error! Going to look it over again but I’m not sure what else I can do here.

Again the value for label and Id must correspond.
label for=“number-label”

But you wrote:
label for=“number-label”

Here is what causes your mistake:

You felt that the type value = number
Must equals to the Id, but reverse is the case. You only need the id to correspond with the label.

Do you understand?

Sorry, you wrote the same thing twice I think?

so it should be:
“label for=‘name’
input type=‘text’ id=‘name’”?

Sorry if this is going right over my head. Don’t know why I’m having such an issue with this. Thanks again.

It is a typography error.

Edited please.

Thanks for your help. For whatever reason, I keep failing even more when I make both the label for and id = “name” “number” or “email”

Think I may just start from scratch.

That isn’t so messy. It’s actually pretty nice. I really like you firey orange gradient. try to get the form’s colors to match the colors of a pizza a little better.
Also, add some margin between the text and number inputs.
Don’t put text inside the <textArea> tag. give it a placeholder of the text you want inside.

Thank you!! Great suggestions.

Yeah I think I should change the form color as well.

Do you notice anything wrong with my labels and input? I know label for and input id need to match, but whenever I make id=“name-label” to match label or label for=“name” to match id I fail more tests.

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