Please Help, My Random Quote Machine project works on my PC but failed to work on CodePen

I don’t know what else to do, the code works perfectly on my local machine but fails to work on codepen, what could be the problem please…
Here is the link:

See the Pen Random Quote Machine by AMADI LUCKY SAMPSON (@tranxcop) on CodePen.

Not seeing any problems with the Codepen project you posted. What happens when you view the Codepen version?

I was about to answer but then noticed he solved the issue (it was just a missing “s” in the http that was giving “mixed-contents” problems).

Thanks a lot for your time, after being frustrated for almost an hour i realised that i typed

instead of : "".  I was able to learn how a little error can can be a pain in the *ss.

Yea, you are right… Thanks for being there. I appreciate this forum.

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