Please help Random Quote Machine only works in debug mode

Hello Team,

I just started my random Quote machine challange today and it is working… but only in openpen’s debug mode and not on full page nor editor mode. take a look please

Here is the debug mode

and this is the full page mode that doesnt work

I do apollogies for the ugly layout but I just started today and havent started to making it look good.

wait… now its working… hmm can you guys check if it works for you ? it could just be my google chrome messing up or openpen.

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It’s working, but the tweet button is a bit confusing >_> I am not able to tweet yet

thanks :slight_smile:

sorry havent worked on the buttons yet . and i will change the text on them to something easy to understand thank you for the input.

Good luck! (psst I almost got mad at this first project to find a good API that works on github lol)

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