Please help with CSS exercise

Hi guys! here I am again … I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Could you please help? thanks so much !


Screenshots are discouraged.

Try pasting your code instead next time.

Looks like you are commenting out Lobster font-family. Try uncommenting Lobster.

hi @shimphillip thanks for your reply.But that’s what the exercise is asking me to do "

it says “In the last challenge, you imported the Lobster font using the link tag. Now comment out that import of the Lobster font(using the HTML comments you learned before) from Google Fonts so that it isn’t available anymore. Notice how your h2 element degrades to the monospace font.”

that’s why I did it…

@shimphillip OH I got it! I need to comment out the import not the font!!

thanks much :slight_smile: