Please I need your feed back on my Portfolio Project

Hi all, the journey has been interesting so far, I finished the first project “the tribute page” after taking over 5 days to get through with it, I submitted project and clicked next, to my uttermost disbelief another project the “Personal Portfolio” presented itself, I was hoping to learn atleast a little more before working on another project, I was overwhelmed, didn’t know where to start, not like I was new to HTML, it just been a very long time I worked with it, Have been using wordpress.I came on here on the forum and someone else was having thesame issue , most of commenters encouraged the op to "just start’, I took the advice, and started my project just yesterday and to say am done by now is so surprising.

so here it is campers, All contributions will be highly noted, Thanks.

Great Job! If you have a couple projects in that page it would be amazing!

Thanks, yeah sure, as i proceed i will update with projects, Thanks again

bump.more feedback please