Please look at my Random Quotes & toss me a bone

I’m happy & proud that I got through all the tests, but something doesn’t work quite right.

If server connects alright, my click on the tweet button works fine.

But if I click on the tweet button when one of my five random quotes pops up on loading the page, it does not tweet the quote. Instead, it opens a new page and just loads the page again - no tweet.

I’d like to have it work to tweet one of my random quotes even if the api connection fails.

It’s here on Github: with the FCC test bundle.js attached.

The function that picks a random quote from your array doesn’t call the tweetQuote function

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Thanks, that was cat quick. Good eye (and experience)! After a while it begins to look all garbled to my inexperienced eyes. I fixed it. I’ll push it to Github tomorrow.