Please Note: FCC algorithms are not "REAL" algorithms

Alright, we’ve left orbit.

This is the beginning and the end of what can be gleamed from this thread. freeCodeCamp isn’t a graduate level study in algorithmic design and analysis. @ideaguy3d has discovered that one of the most prestigious and advanced tech firms in human history doesn’t play softball in the interview questions. That’s cool, and I hope he can share more about the specifics of their requirements and his experience applying, as that would be valuable information for the community. The topic doesn’t do much justice to the fact that even the most advanced algorithmiticians started somewhere, and the fCC challenges are totally valid and real algorithms in every sense.

@ideaguy3d, I don’t think you’ve been too far out of line or anything, and I hope you continue to contribute. In the future, let’s please focus more on how we can make this open source community better rather than placing freeCodeCamp on a scale against a 6 year college degree. The curriculum is only getter better!