Anyone here a professional paid software developer and are not so great with algorithm challenges?

I really liked to know.

The type of problem solving represented by the freeCodeCamp “algorithms” section is pretty bread-and-butter for software development.

As a catch-all because you’ve posted a few questions that are basically asking the same thing:

Yes, you will likely need to get better at the stuff you currently find difficult.

w/r/t this in particular:

The algorithm challenges are useful to some people because each is a small, isolated challenge that can be completed in many different ways. Some are more difficult than others, but you should be able to at least figure out what the underlying problem is and suggest one way to solve it.

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FCC’s algorithm challenges are fairly basic, and all the material needed to solve them has been covered previously. They’re basically textbook exercises.

When it comes to “coding challenge” sites like HackerRank or Daily Coding Problem, your mileage may vary. I can’t solve most of DCP’s problems, and I’ve been programming for 30 years. Don’t judge your ability by those.