Stuck on basic algorithm section and was wondering what methodology to use to do the challenges

Hey , I am fairly new here and am only in my third week on freecodecamp and am having lots of trouble with the basic algorithm section. I was wondering what method did you all use to do the algorithm challenges. I am
very new at programming so I apologize if it seems easier to most. Is it common to have so much trouble at the beginning stages of learning to program? I really feel at real loss for how to utilize functions and variables to solve the challenges. I will look up stuff on various websites regarding splitting and arrays but won’t really be able to piece it together to solve the problems. I really am interested in learning how to code and am determined to find out how to make it over this hurdle in my education path.

Thanks for the help beforehand

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Don’t be discouraged. Last year is when i started to code and I was having a whole lot of trouble when i started the algorithms. It’s like the first big hurtle you need to overcome, how to take what you’ve learned and put it together to come up with solutions to a problem(the algorithm). The your time, venture into other sites that offer free javascript tracks and do those as well to solidify and build upon the basics of the language.

So really you just need to keep trying, keep working at the challenges. Read the documentation on mdn for methods you’re trying to use to solve a problem and make sure you really try to understand them to see what they are doing for you.

The challenge is to think like a developer, this will come with time just keep coding! hope this helps.

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Thanks Andrew. It definitely does help. I have been reading the book eloquent javascript and am going to try codewars to see if it can help supplement some knowledge. Yeah I’ll keep trying at it til I get it. Thanks. I’ll keep coming back to these challenges til I can do them

Pretty funny that codewars starts at the difficulty the basic algorithm challenges are at so I’m pretty much back to square 1 of researching java script . Damn, programming is difficult!