Please, rate my Twitch.TV API project!

Hello. It’s the first time I ask for project feedback.
I would appreciate opinions, critics and hints for improvements and good code practices!

Thank you in advance.

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Just my initial thoughts after taking a look at your project. Overall, I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking about the UI and aesthetically it looks solid. Here are my initial thoughts.

  1. From a code perspective, I’m not a dev who uses JQuery and haven’t for about a year and a half. In terms of readability there are certain sections that I can understand what’s happening, but I have to strain a bit. It may benefit you to abstract your code into functions particularly with regards to appending cards to the DOM. Doing so will make it a bit clearer what is happening and you’ll be able to write less code.

  2. I’m seeing a Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'stream_type' of null on line 11 . It may benefit you to do a bit of type checking here to to make sure you can use the object.

  3. It looks like you’re making two API requests to the same endpoint. In terms of performance it makes more sense to make a single requests and then parse the data from the single source.

  4. Tabbed navigation doesn’t work, which creates an accessibility issue. Users with physical disabilities may not be able to interact with your application. Using semantic HTML will go a long way and can help without a lot of additional effort.

  5. The hover effect is beautiful, but the card isn’t clickable. I would expect that when hovering over the card the entire area becomes clickable rather than just the image.

  6. You may want to consider changing the layout into one that’s responsive, so it takes advantage of the entire screen size. It looks great at around 600px, but when I go above or below that breakpoint I would like for it to make use of the space provided.

Overall solid work!


Thank you very much for your claims. Nice feedback indeed!

____ Edit ____

First of all, sorry any english issu

So, after reading it better, I would like a better explanation about some appointments if you don’t mind.

In number 4, you said “Tabbed navigation doesn’t work”.
Sorry, what you meant about that exactly?

About making two API requests for the same endpoint (in case, checking if the user is online or offline), I did it on purpose actually, because I had dificult in appending in All Tab “online users” on top and then “offline users” after them.
Maybe I could use the same request to differ online and offline users and then try some function to order online users on top and offline users then, in All tab. What you think?

You said you don’t use JQuery for more than 1 year. Can you recommend me what you use to “play with”?

About the rest of your answer, really helpful as well. I’ll work on it!
Thank you again!

____ Edit 2 ____

Just searched about tabbed navigation.
Got it! You mean using keyboard tab key. Interesting. Didn’t remember it.
I think I gonna replace the one I built with bootstrap 4 tab.