Please review my Product Landing Page

I need feedback on my Product Landing Page. Any suggestions/feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Nice job overall!

For desktop view:

  • Showcase text isn’t centered
  • Just under to left, that image in my opinion would be better if it was rounded completly.
  • To the right of that image, the numbers inside those circles could be centered inside their containers
  • Add transitions on your animations which are well made I find by the way just too brusque
  • Center your video and make it bigger eventually
  • Add a dummy anchor div before every section that is the height of the fixed header, make it invisible to avoid covering the titles of the section when clickling on the nav links. This might fail the FCC system but it is good to know how to do it since you want to extend your CSS knowledge further then just FCC
  • Your order online section isn’t well layed out/centered

For mobile viewport:

  • Make a hamburger menu (google&youtube are your friends :stuck_out_tongue: feel free to ask any help regarding that or anything else)

I have been doing some C# but you gave me motivation for CSS3 keep up the good work and coding!

  • Tech.

Thank you Tech for taking the time to review and provide helpful feedback. I did the adjustment but I am still working on my youtube embed for desktop.

Could you please review again and let me how I went with the adjustment?

Also I’m glad I have motivate you with regards to CSS3.

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Wow… Great and pleasant UI… Keep it up

I was inspired by Cluey Learning website so I tried to recreate the website with few adjustment. Thank you.

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i love your website… it’s actually awesome. keep it up!

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Hey. I have done another review. Good job with the video.

You still have some things to solve especially for desktop view ^^.

I updated my other comments. You can use it as your TO DO LIST.


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“The Taste of Prefection”

I’m not usually a stickler for spelling, but this word? It’s spelled “Perfection”.

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My bad, overlooked the spelling. Thank you for pointing out.

Great looking page! Here are some things I noticed:

  • Dead img link on left side
  • initial set of text is offset to the right (might be due to the dead img) with nothing on the left
  • The centered-based text is a bit wierd when the div itself is then on the right side of the page.
  • Color scheme looks good!
  • Maybe have a big hero image behind the title on the top? Of some beans or something?

Goodluck :slight_smile: I would also love some feedback on my virtual car show landing page too if you have a second!