Please some one should help me with this stage 44 html

this is what they told me “label elements are used to help associate the text for an input element with the input element itself (especially for assistive technologies like screen readers). For example, <label><input type="radio"> cat</label> makes it so clicking the word cat also selects the corresponding radio button.”

Nest your radio button inside a label element.

(this is the code, i don’t know where to put the label)

```<input type="radio"> Indoor

To use the label in that challenge you need to ‘wrap’ that line of code in label tags, an opening label tag at the front and a closing tag at the end.

If you get stuck i can post an example :slight_smile:

may you please show me some example on how to do it bro?

Sure, Ill use the example that they gave you.

<input type="radio"> cat

this is the same as what you have, and only the radio button is clickable.
below is what its like when you ‘wrap’ it with label tags, now the word cat is also clickable. (I added large spaces for clarity only)

<label>    <input type="radio"> cat    </label>

Hopefully that helps.


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