*** Please UPDATE Lesson ***

Please consider updating the CSS Lesson called:
S’il vous plait. It is quite confusing.

The lesson video explains it, but the text does not.
Thank you for considering my appeal.

This is the CORRECT CODE that should be in BLUE / BLACK BOX in the LESSON text:

grid-template-columns: repeat(3, minmax(90px, 1fr));

If you want me to stop sending these as I find them, I will do so.


The example code in the lesson is not intended to contain the solution to the challenge. As it says in the text, the provided example creates two columns; the first is 100px wide, and the second has the minimum width of 50px and the maximum width of 200px.

OK, but It is very confusing. Does not help get us to the correct solution to easily without assistance of some sort.

Thank you.

Not the first I’ve come across, so I guess that is the way FCC wants it to be.
I will stop reporting any of them.

The overall idea of the challenge descriptions is that they demonstrate how to solve the problem, not exactly what solves the problem. I’ve actually run across a few challenges where you can copy-paste the description code, and in those cases I would consider that challenge text to be a bug.

The further you get in the FCC curriculum, the less the challenges are going to hold you by the hand. They will provide information for your task, but you will have to read carefully (often multiple times and sometimes you may want to do more research). You will have to combine what you have learned from multiple lessons and “connect the dots”. You will often have to try more than one thing and observe the effect in order to find the corrrect solution.


When you say Lesson text, are you referring to the Description section (see below)?


or the instructions section (see below)?


Randall, I meant the black box with the BLUE CODE in it on the LESSON.
yours is GREY & RED.

ArielLeslie, I have already noticed what you mention as happening. I think I like it better! :slight_smile:
It is more of a challenge to figure it out based on other research than to be handed bad code as
an example.

That’s just a matter of light vs dark theme.